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Grab Life by the BBQ on the sizzling barbecue grill, representing mateship, charity fundraising, and men's mental health

mateship matters, let's make a difference together

Welcome to  Grab Life By The BBQ- Join us in igniting conversations and breaking records, creating positive changes in men's mental health. Our charity fundraiser is all about celebrating mateship, raising awareness, and making a positive difference.
Come on, Australia!
Fire up the BBQ, grab your mates, have a yarn,
and Grab Life By The BBQ for men's mental health.

how it works:



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  • WHY are we doing Grab Life By The BBQ?
    In Australia, every day, 7 men die by suicide. We believe that's 7 too many! We need to change the game and flip the script on men's mental health. And, there's one place the iconically Aussie blokes congregate around...the BBQ. We also believe that it's a national travesty that Australia has no world records for BBQing. Let us all unite and gather 'round our barbies this Father's Day to ignite positive change, celebrate mateship, and morally claim what is rightfully ours—the world's biggest BBQ!
  • How do I get involved?
    Register you details here Set up your fundraising page (don't worry you can do this later) We'll send you an email with all the details you need. Plan your Father's Day BBQ Invite your mates (and everyone you know to come round) Host your bbq Let us know how many people turned up
  • What do I do?
    You are hosting a bbq to celebrate mateship and help us make positive change to men's mental health. Register Organise, plan and invite people to your bbq Host your bbq (on or around Father's Day) count how many people attended raise some funds and hang out with your mates
  • What's the goal?
    Our aim is to have over 60 000 people attend a registered bbq across Australia in the week leading up to (and including) Father's Day. Currently Mexico holds the world record for the biggest bbq. Hosting a bbq that had 55 252 people in the one location.
  • I don't want to host a bbq. But I want to fundraise.
    Awesome! - Register like everyone else at: - You will be able to set up your own fundraising page That's it
  • Where does the money go?
    Your support helps us: Grow and expand what we already do: - supports our already established social events we host for blokes - grow our network of social events across the country. Our goal is to have 100 locations across Australia - deliver our talks to more people across Australia Helps us develop: - our young men program - other mentor/ peer support programs for boys and men - fast track future projects
What's a BBQ with out your Grab Life By The BBQ- The Ultimate Aussie BBQ playlist on Spotify
What's a BBQ with out your Grab Life By The BBQ- The Ultimate Aussie BBQ playlist on YouTube
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