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Grab Life by the BBQ set for Father’s Day 2024

Thanks to Australian Men's Health Forum for this write up:

Grab Life By The Balls will become Grab Life by the BBQ in September with a new campaign to set a world record for the biggest BBQ.

The men’s mental health organisation fosters social connection among men through regular get-togethers over coffee, breakfast, barbecues, and other community events. These are mainly run by volunteers throughout Queensland, with several events happening in other states.

Founder Sam Parker also gives talks in workplaces, high schools, sports clubs and community groups on topics of resilience, masculinity, mental health and social connection.

He wants to help tackle high suicide rates among men and bring awareness to factors contributing to their mental health and ill-health, describing Grab Life By The Balls as a ‘Mateship Movement’.

Sam and his supporters strongly believe strong social connections keep men happy and healthy. On Father’s Day, which this year falls on 1 September, he is calling on blokes to ‘fire up the barbie, grab your mates, have a yarn and ignite positive change for men’s health.’

Grab Life By The Balls is inviting people to pre-register their barbie, make plans for their event and encourage others to come along on Father’s Day. Hosts will then report back on the number of people who attended their BBQ.

Sam aims to “turn around men’s health stats in a blokey, fun and Aussie way”.

“What better way to do it on Fathers’ Day in 2024 than by having a big barbecue across the country celebrating mates and grabbing life by the balls?”

His goal is for 60,000 people to attend a registered barbecue across Australia in the week leading up to and including Father’s Day.

Mexico holds the world record for the biggest BBQ, hosting a BBQ with 55,252 people in one location.


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